Workout Update – April 4, 2012

4 Apr

This is my first workout post, only three days in so there is little to report but I made a promise and feel I should follow through on that promise.

As you know from my first workout post, I was astonished at how much strength I had lost.  The other thing I should note is how sore I was because I was back to lifting weights, something I hadn’t done in months, quite a few months.

Tuesday I got home at 615 and hopped on my bike.  Sunset was at 7:12 so I only had about an hour to get out there and explore Quincy.  I managed to ride 10 miles in 40 minutes, a 15 mile per hour clip.  That’s the fastest I have averaged on this new bike.  My main struggles has been with the clip in pedals.  Growing up with mountain bikes I never felt insecure on a bike.  If you were tipping or turning or just needed to regain your balance you could always stick your foot out.  With a road bike if you try to use your foot for balance by putting it out, you end up tipping the bike with you.  Not so great while you’re circumnavigating between moving vehicles, right?  So I’ve started to get used to that and also starting.  When I’m at a light I now only clip out of one pedal and move my other foot to the top, giving me a half rotation to get going and some time to clip in and get going.  At the beginning, I’ll be honest, I almost rode right into traffic and made the obituary section.

If you’re a rider or even a runner, I would suggest downloading iMapMyRide, it’s a free application for the iPhone and will show you on GPS where you’ve gone.  It will give you the estimated calories and distance traveled.  All three of those are great motivators for anyone who is training alone.  I’m one who likes to explore so it’s nice to see where I have traveled so I can try new routes and new towns to ride through on my bike.

I have 15 more miles to go this week.  Shouldn’t be too hard, I plan to do so the remainder this Saturday.

I hope everyone has a great Easter and is able to celebrate it with their families.  Next post, Sunday, on my tricks to keeping track of your finances.


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