My Life

1 Apr

Thank you very much for taking an interest in my blog!

I’m a 25 year old financial professional who works and lives in the Boston area.  I went to a business school west of Boston and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelors in Finance.  I had a really close circle of friends from Freshman year who are still my friends today.  After college, we all started jobs in different parts of the country but keep in contact constantly by our email chain.  Some days there are only one or two emails and some days there could be 100.  It’s just a running conversation and I think has all helped us adapt to the first few years after college which are a shock for most.  I’ve heard people say the first year out of college is the worst year of their lives.  I would disagree (only because now you have a paycheck) but I certainly see their side.

After college I took a job at a small wealth management firm in the financial district of Boston.  We services high net worth individuals (those with over $10,000,000 in assets).  I started in the operations group doing trading and paperwork and after a little over a year moved onto the client side where I speak with clients and interact with them in meetings regularly.  I am currently studying for my CFP so I can move up the ladder at my firm and become a greater asset to my clients and their needs.

I’m interested in writing a blog to publicly achieve these three goals:

  • Get my finances in order
  • Get in shape and improve my health
  • Improve my status at my firm
I will go into details about all three of the above in follow up posts.  I believe if you just say general things as I just did above you will not have any guidance and ultimately fail at your goals in life.  In the past I’ve also tried to do many things and ended up failing, I believe because I never had anyone to hold me accountable and I feel, albeit selfishly, this will help me follow through with my goals.
I’d like to note that a large inspiration for this blog has come from reading Nerd Fitness a blog by Steve Kamb.  I stumbled across his blog six months ago as he is friends with a co-worker of mine.  He’s done some amazing things with his life and I would certainly recommend his blog to anyone who is interested in fitness, travel, and just improving your life.  I do plan on implementing one of his very popular challenges, The Six Week Challenge as I try to improve my life.
I hope to take this journey with others that I will meet through expressing myself honestly and openly through this medium.

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